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Our Placements

Our Placements

In today's competitive world, industry managers are required to have good management skills, practical knowledge and interpersonal skills. Our programs are a unique blend of strategic thinking and practicality coupled with industry interface in the form of visits, seminars, internships and live projects. Our teaching curriculum includes presentations, case studies, participation in seminars and conferences, club activities, sports and cultural activities which moulds the student holistically.

Moreover, the students are well equipped to perform effectively in any situation. They have been groomed to be experts in their respective fields with leadership qualities, positive attitude, loyalty and integrity to the organization. We look at the future of ASM Students with poise and promise, that they will be well received by the industry and believe that they will make noteworthy contributions to the corporate world.

Our Specialities

  • Mock Up Interviews
  • Soft-Skill Training
  • Presentation Skill Developing
  • Out Bond Training
  • International Exposure
  • Empowering Domain Skills
  • Language Lab

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